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Pipe Stress Software – ROHR2

Probably the most advanced program for the static and dynamic analysis of piping and pipeline systems, and the most popular European pipe stress code.  ROHR2 – has been in continual development since the mid 1960’s.  From the 2000’s onwards development of ROHR2 has been by SIGMA – a German piping and software development company.

DOCAN are distribution partners with SIGMA. We use, sell, distribute, train and support users with ROHR2.  We can develop unique training courses or standard courses to help in you’re ROHR2 endeavors.  We have a history in pressure systems and engineering analysis and design and are ideally placed to help and support you.

Rohr2 pipe stress software Rohr2 pipe stress software

Small ROHR2 piping system model using piping elements, structural elements, flanges, nozzles and FEA substructures for the heads.

ROHR2 standard features
  • Creation of dimensioned isometrics
  • Many selection filters and criteria for results
  • Static analysis covering non-linear effects and buckling
  • Follow up load cases
  • Hammer load generation – or linkage to transient flow software such as Flownex
  • Pipe bowing
  • Dynamic analysis with linear and non-linear boundary conditions
  • Customizable stress reports
  • Code wall thickness calculations
  • Nozzle assessments; API/NEMA/EN, etc
  • Codes – ASME B31.1 B31.3 B31.4 B31.5 B31.8; EN13480 ; ASME III Class 1 to Class 3; RCCM Class 1 to Class 3
For further detail of ROHR2 features see the ROHR2 feature list

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Rohr2 pipe stress software

Basic global stress results of model – code utilization, stress, displacement, mode shapes, etc can be plotted.

Add on module –ROHR2Flange – Detailed flange stress and leakage checks
  • Easy-to-use
  • Covers ASME VIII Div 1, EN1591, EN13445,
  • Automatic analysis of all flanges in system accounting for all load cases
  • Automatic generation of load case combinations
  • Simple pre-setting of flange parameters by means of standard values for flanges, screws and gaskets
  • Flanges may be modified individually and in detail
Rohr2 pipe stress software Rohr2 pipe stress software Rohr2 pipe stress software

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Add on module –ROHR2fesu – integrated local FEA
Main purpose of FE module:

  • Intersections of piping elements generally
  • Special components for which internal pressure design stress codes     are available but no calculation norms for external  forces and moments
  • Components where the standards of k- and i-factors are unsatisfactory
  • Special components without k- and i-factors defined in the stress codes
  • Analysis of local stress utilization, e.g. for life-time analysis
  • Optimization of details in pipe and vessel constructions
  • Nozzles at vessel with or without reinforcement
  • Big diameter tubes with miter bends
  • Calculations with to measured pipe segments (as-built), e.g. bends
  • Damage analysis at corroded or eroded pipes
  • Detail analysis of bend deformation due to internal pressure or bending in oval bends
  • Easy-to-use parameter controlled model generation and meshing
  • Short solution time
  • Automatic stress analysis and documentation
  • Stress analyses following EN 13445 – Appendix C and ASME Section VIII, Div. 2, Part 5 and AD S4

For further detail of ROHR2 features see the feature pdf.

Rohr2 pipe stress software

ROHR2 mode with non-regular components with local substructure models show in the details

Rohr2 pipe stress software

Typical substructure examples

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