Maple – the world’s most powerful math engine

Maple is math software that combines the world’s most powerful math engine with an interface that makes it extremely easy to analyse, explore, visualise and solve mathematical problems, allowing you to manage calculations and treat them like the valuable assets they are. Maple is the result of over 25 years of dedicated research and development. It has incredible computational power, mathematical breadth and depth, mathematically-aware programming language, application creation tools and connectivity options all integrated into a highly intuitive technical document environment.

DOCAN are distribution partners with Maplesoft. We use, sell, distribute, train and support users with Maple. We can develop unique training courses or standard courses to help in you’re Maple development. We have a history in engineering analysis and are ideally placed to help and support you.

A Maple graphical user interface (GUI) developed by DOCAN using various numerical methods and displayed using Maple’s user-friendly GUI elements.
Maple standard features:
  • Units, dimensions and tolerances – Assign units and tolerances that carry through your calculation
  • Differential Equations – Solve equations no other system can handle
  • Statistics and data analysis – combine numerical and symbolic approaches to problem solving
  • 2D and 3D Plot creation, customization and interaction
  • User friendly interactive GUI elements
  • MapleCloud – share work easily with others
  • Thermophysical properties – calculations involving pure fluids and psychrometric charts
  • Code generation to C, Fortran, Java and more
  • Connectivity to other software tools – CAD systems, Excel, Databases and NAG Library
  • Application development – interactive components, programming, code editor and more
  • Document Personalization – Choose the content you want to display and hide the working operations
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Basic example of a Maple calculation – integration methods, plotting capability and an interactive context-based menu for one click calculations.
Add on module –Maple Global Optimization Toolbox features:
  • Solves models with thousands of variables and constraints
  • Modules for non-linear optimization – Differential Evolution Algorithm and Adaptive Stochastic Search Methods
  • Supports arbitrary objective and constraint functions, including those defined in terms of special functions, derivatives and integrals, and piecewise functions etc.
  • Built-in model visualization capabilities for viewing one or two-dimensional subspace projections of the objective function, with visualization of the constraints as planes or lines on the objective surface
  • Solvers take advantage of Maple arbitrary precision capabilities in their calculations, to greatly reduce numerical instability problems
Add on module –MapleNet – Share work easily features:
  • Share Maple documents, calculators and technical applications throughout your organisation
  • Access via standard web browser
  • Meaningful presentation of results using illuminating visualizations
  • Easy entry of equations and data
  • End users do not require Maple on their computer or a Maple license
Optimization of packing 50 discs into a circle, such that the circle diameter is minimized, solved using Maple’s Global Optimization Toolbox.

Examples of Maple applications that have been developed using Maple. Left: Pumping power required between 2 reservoirs. Right: Calculates the flowrate of gas through an orifice.


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