Flownex Se

With roots back to 1986, Flownex has been under constant development, fulfilling for requirements for clients such as in automotive and aerospace (Rolls-Royce), and in the nuclear sector.

Flownex is developed in an ISO 9001:2008 and NQA1 quality assurance system environment. Flownex is the only software of its kind to hold a nuclear accreditation, a testament to the quality, reliability and accuracy of the simulation software.

Flownex has capabilities in all areas of thermofluids, including Aerospace, Oil and Gas, Turbomachinery, Nuclear, HVAC, Industrial Processes, and Academic use.

Small Flownex network of an aero engine demonstrating the ability to concisely model real-life systems while incorporating realistic physics such as the inertial effects of the shaft through the engine.

Flownex is modular, allowing flexibility for the requirement of the client, reducing costs by excluding features that won’t be required.

1D Thermofluid System Modeler – Flownex SE

Flownex is a 1 dimensional thermodynamic and fluid dynamic system modeler and solver. With capabilities to handle flows of pure liquids or gases, mixed flows, compressible and incompressible fluids, incondensable, two-phase, and slurry flows, Flownex can handle thermofluid calculations for an expansive array of scenarios. Including the incorporation of combustion and mechanical components, Flownex can model complete fluid systems accounting for the significant physical phenomena.

DOCAN are distribution partners with Flownex. We use, sell, distribute, train and support users with Flownex. We can develop unique training courses or standard courses to help in your Flownex development. We have a history in engineering analysis and are ideally placed to help and support you.

Flownex Features
  • Basic and Advanced Heat Transfers
  • Turbo secondary flow
  • Combustion
  • Reactors, including dedicated nuclear components
  • Signal control
  • Designer, optimizer, sensitivity analysis capability
  • Alarms
  • Result tools
  • API – allowing modification to existing content to suit requirements
  • Connectivity – such as with ROHR2 to assist with pipe stress analysis
Refrigeration cycle as modelled in Flownex
Overview of the contents of Flownex’s modules.

With an easy to grasp drag and drop interface Flownex networks can be set up quickly and presented however it is desired, to show models clearly and intuitively. Extensive visualization features allow a simple pictorial 1D network to present information directly on the screen, which update live throughout the duration of a transient analysis with Flownex’s Transient Module.

Network showing visual fluid level of a tank and the opening fraction of a valve. Also utilizing a PID controller from the Control Module, extending a simple network to an automated, adaptive system.

Flownex’s developers are active online, updating their website with extra resources for reference, as well as providing a user-friendly portal to promote interaction and aid with problem solving within the Flownex community.

Associated documents and comprehensive tutorials provide useful resources aid users to explore all features of the software and enable good understanding of the functioning of the solver. Use of the API module allows information from many other software to be transferred directly to Flownex, allowing quick and bespoke applications of Flownex’s abilities.

Flownex API Features
  • Ansys coupling
  • Relap coupling
  • EES coupling
  • Mathcad coupling
  • Labview coupling
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See the Flownex Simulation Environment Brochure & Flownex Modules Brochure


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