Process/Chemical/Thermo-Fluids Engineer

Process/Chemical/Thermo-fluids Engineer.

We are looking for an engineer with 2 to 4 years experience and will have gained a measurable amount of experience since graduating.

We are particularly looking for Engineers skilled in the areas below – but if additional Mechanical Engineering skills have been developed this would be of use as this area of work develops.

The candidate will, as a minimum be degree qualified in Mechanical Engineering, Process Engineering, or Chemical Engineering, but will also likely have advanced degrees as well.

The candidate ideally has experience with at least several of the following areas:

  1. CFD – 3D (Fluent, CFX, Star CCM, Cradle, Openfoam, other)
  2. CFD – 1D (Flownex, Flowmaster, other)
  3. Thermodynamics of industrial processes – steam systems, hydrocarbon systems, super critical carbon dioxide, refrigeration and air conditioning, combustion processes for heaters, boilers and furnaces
  4. Fluid dynamics related to liquids, gases, multi-phase, multi species
  5. Process engineering
  6. Chemical engineering
  7. Control Engineering – control of processes
  8. Mathematical modelling using symbolic and numerical methods, either by hand or by computerized / programming methods
  9. Coding experience in Python, C# or other
  10. Coupled analysis / co-simulation – i.e. thermo fluids + mechanical stress for instance

The role will require a degree of autonomy so the Engineer has to be confident, self-reliant and willing to manage themselves.  This is a great opportunity for the right Engineer to help grow this area of expertise within the company.

Training and future experience – Excellent opportunity to get training from industry experts in various areas of industry sectors and getting hands on with industry leading technology and to become a leader of the future.

Competitive salary based on experience. 

To Apply send a CV and Cover letter to –  


+44(0)1606 212330 |