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Flownex - Renewable energy technology demonstration

DOCAN are Channel Partners with Flownex.  Flownex is a cutting edge 1d thermo-fluids system modeller and covers most areas of physics within this domain.  One of our clients was interested to use Flownex to create useful energy from pressure drop of flowing fluids.  In this technology demonstration we show a way to extract useful waste energy and store it.

MSC APEX – Technology demonstration

DOCAN are Channel Partners with MSC Software. Part of the portfolio includes MSC APEX.  With this demonstration we modify a Finite Element Mesh of a module fitted on to a  FSPO vessel.  The original stress model was created by others.  Our challenge was to therefore update and modify the model without geometry.  A challenge for many systems, but in APEX this is simple.  The efficiency and ability to save time in the overall workstream is massive – and since part of the development process of APEX was by games developers, its very simple to use.

Pressure vessel failure investigation

A competition was in play to determine the failure pressure of a vessel prior to over pressure which had several defects built into it.  Several companies completed the study using various forms of analysis.  DOCAN were part of the competition and had the best estimation of failure pressure. We won the competition.  This was based on our experience within failure investigation, fitness for service, pressure systems and engineering analysis using non-linear methods.  We used MSC MARC for the analysis which we distribute.


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