At DOCAN our analysis expertise is used as the foundation for all of our other services.

Our experience is wide ranging – from Nuclear to Aerospace, to Defence and Oil and Gas.

Much of our work is within regulated industries and as such we complete our analysis following codes of practice, international standards and OEM handbook methods as applicable.

Some code examples include; API, DNV, LLOYDS, ABS, ASME, BSI, AUK, GKN, BE/EDF, etc.

If required, we develop our own methodologies – for instance, failure analysis and forensic investigation, to development of analysis methods to replicate test.  In these cases, we follow logic and engineering principles.

We believe in simplicity first, and use a stepwise approach to complexity.  When hand calculation or empirical methods are not suitable, we use numerical methods such as FEA or CFD.

When repetitive work or automation is required, we develop applications or macros using computational tools such as MathCAD, MATLAB or Mathematica.

When numerical methods are required we use ADINA, unless dictated by the client.

Some examples of work:

  • Thermal management of Satcom’s equipment via FEA – Defence
  • Pointing analysis of parabolic Satcom’s equipment – Defence
  • Vibration response of Satcom’s equipment – Defence
  • Assessment of rig top sides equipment – erosion studies, slugging studies, structures, cranes, pressurised systems per DNV, BV, Lloyds – Offshore Drilling (GOM / North sea)
  • Assessment of high and ultra high pressurised equipment to ASME VIII Div 3 using non-linear methods, including burst, fatigue, cyclic loading, ratcheting and shakedown, fracture and crack growth, heat transfer – Subsea
  • Assessment of BOP’s, RCD’s, Wellheads and Xmas trees per API codes – Offshore drilling
  • Level 1,2 and 3 Fitness for Service of ASME piping and vessels to API579 – Refining & Chemicals
  • Design stress analysis of A380 flap tracks by FEA using AUK methods – Aero / Civil
  • F & DT equipment design for A400M by hand calculation using GKN methods – Aero / Defence
  • Thermal-mechanical analysis of near Net shape forging equipment using FEA – Manufacturing
  • Design analysis of structures, piping and equipment per ASME III, using hand based methods, pipe stress methods, and FEA methods for static and dynamic response – Nuclear
  • Failure and forensic studies
  • General consulting – all industries


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