The ADINA team are based in Boston MA / USA.  ADINA was created by Professor Bathe et al. in the mid 1970s – a teacher and researcher at MIT.  The ADINA code has been in continuous development ever since.  ADINA covers structural mechanics, heat transfer, fluid dynamics, electromagnetics.  The fluid structure interaction (FSI) capabilities are state of the art.

DOCAN has formed a relationship with the ADINA team – we now distribute ADINA and train scientists and engineers how to use ADINA in addition to making this our general analysis platform.

ADINA is used in many industries – such as Aero, Nuclear, Offshore, Subsea, Oil and Gas, Civil and Structural, Forming, Hi-Tech, Biomechanical.

ADINA is a fully integrated modular system – with a full pre and post processor, and structural, heat transfer, fluid dynamics and electromagnetics modules, forming the multi physics suite.  The system is designed for full multi domain coupling based on one user interface.

ADINA is also used as the Siemens NX Nastran non-linear solvers (sol 601 and 701), and has translators for Siemens FEMAP pre and post processor if the user wishes to take advantage of FEMAP.  The Siemens NX Nastran can be imported and exported from ADINA


DOCAN is an authorised distributor of the ADINA suite, so in addition to consulting services, we can sell, train and support you with ADINA.

See the ADINA website for some 200+ examples of usage.


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