DOCAN forms partnership with MAPLESOFT

Great news for DOCAN – we are now partners with and with this partnership, we can distribute and support MAPLE.

MAPLE is math software that combines the world’s most powerful math engine with an interface that makes it extremely easy to analyse, explore, visualize, and solve mathematical problems.

Why use MAPLE and not just stay with Excel or Mathcad you might ask. Well – imagine as part of your activities as a professional engineer or scientist that you need to develop an algorithm, test it out, and then export to some other language like C, Fortran, MATLAB, etc.

Imagine you want to incorporate your CAD into the design or analysis work. Imagine you need to talk to an SQL database, or complete some chemical analysis for a thermodynamic process. Imagine you want to assess a machine for vibration response over time using a frequency domain method.

You can even develop a package to cover your problems and let your team use the package. With MAPLE you can do this and even more.

In our opinion – MAPLE is more engineer/scientist friendly than Mathematica, significantly more capable compared to Mathcad and significantly safer and more capable compared to Excel.

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