ADINA releases a 900 node FREE FEA/CFD/Heat transfer version

We’re excited to announce that ADINA – Automatic Dynamic Incremental Nonlinear Analysis has just released a 900 node FREE FEA/CFD/Heat transfer version.

ADINA is a fully integrated analysis tool so you don’t need any other software. With this free version you can also link directly to Siemens FEMAP.

Some examples of ADINA capabilities are shown here:

We have done some fantastic work with ADINA in areas such as R&D, Design, Integrity, Decommissioning in sectors such as high tech/electronics, upstream and downstream oil & gas etc, for stress analysis, heat transfer, fluid dynamics and coupled analysis.

Unlike other codes – ADINA is fully integrated using one UI. And unlike other codes – ADINA is affordable but still cutting edge.

The possibilities with ADINA are endless – the limit is your imagination.

If you would like to know more please get in touch:


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