Software Development at DOCAN

One of the areas we are looking at within DOCAN is software development. Either for automating our work and becoming super-efficient and consistent or for developing code for novel client applications.

Engineering and Science have a long history. 50 years ago, the moon landing occurred, and the cutting-edge technology of the day was FORTRAN and was used extensively within the space program.

The FORTRAN code is still alive and kicking and in development by companies such as INTEL, NVIDEA, NAG and others.

NAG has been developing numerical algorithms for decades and are used worldwide and under the bonnet of many high-tech programs.

We’re just starting out with the Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG) Fortran builder and compiler which can compile old FORTRAN 77 code up to the latest FORTRAN code which includes all the latest programming paradigms.

We have some old tried and tested routines we are going to use as a test, and a bunch of new programs in the development cycle.

Of course -we will mix this with a combination of other modern methods – such as MATLAB, Python and others.

We can also use mixed methods and get the best of both worlds – front end GUI’s and back end highly optimized code.

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