DOCAN’s Summer 2019 Intern – Emma Sevant

As the wet summer begins, DOCAN’s first intern starts working with us. Emma Sevant – an undergraduate Mechanical Engineering student at Sheffield University, one of the top ME schools in the UK.

We have several development projects in the pipeline and Emma is ideally positioned to help us with these.

The development projects she will be working on are in Software Development and Commercialisation, VR – Engineering Applications, and Pressure systems design – a new industry standard.

The final outcome of each project will be to commercialise new avenues of business. Emma will complete each project with a development report and a training presentation which she will give to the company.

Some of the technologies Emma will be working on include MATLAB, Python, Fortran, Simlab-soft, HPC VIVE Pro, ROHR2, CAD- Schroer MPDS4 and M4 Virtual Review.

Welcome to DOCAN Emma.


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