Great news for DOCAN – we’re now the UK’s distributor for ROHR2 pipe stress software.

Possibly the most modern pipe stress system in the world, with a huge market share in Europe! DOCAN are now the UK’s distributor of ROHR2 and associated software. Developed by Sigma in Germany –

As an engineer – ever thought that your system looks old and clunky, and making changes was just painful. Or that you didn’t trust your Duck foot calc, or trunnion calc, or you might want to include a square duct, or you want to do real dynamic checks from hammer or surge.

As a boss – ever thought that the work just takes too long, or the results are over conservative and expensive to engineer.

Welcome to ROHR2. A fully integrated pipe stress system which has the pedigree and history to handle basic process piping all the way to class 1 nuclear.

DOCAN Engineers have years of experience using the industry standard systems in the UK and the US. We’re now on a journey to change the industry standard with ROHR2.

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