Piping and Pressure Systems

DOCAN has extensive experience of pressure systems. We regularly complete design and analysis of piping and vessels using industry standard methods. We have experience of working at high pressure and high temperature ranges, including dynamic effects. We have experience of most industries and have worked using a range of codes – such as Class 1 Nuclear, EN13480, B31, DNV and other codes.
The above plot is a refinery assessment which we have completed to account for 2 phase relief flow from an over filling event using CAESAR II pipe stress software.
If required, we can incorporate FEA methods to check for real failure modes, local damage, nozzle stress/allowables, flange leakage. We use ADINA regularly for this aspect and can even account for transient 3D thermal fluid issues using ADINA.
Over the years we have designed, analysed and built many pressures systems plant.
If you would like us to work with you on pressure systems plant, for green field, brown field, or integrity / FFS type work, please get in touch.


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