DOCAN enters the world of Virtual Reality!

With further investment in the company, DOCAN can now offer a Virtual Reality service.

We’re now running a professional grade mobile VR lab. Our equipment is a HPC VIVE Pro and a high spec VR mobile workstation.

Our first job using this system will be to design review a large pressure vessel. This will  include viewing the internals of the vessel with our end client. Traditionally, this would be completed by reviewing engineering drawings or solid models. This can be quite a difficult task, especially challenging for non-engineers.

We’re just in the process of testing this technology which enables us to use most CAD types and other geometry formats such as laser scanning results. This is more than photo realistic as well – it’s immersive and can transport you around the model or environment.

With further investment, we expect to use this system for multiple functions. These could include surveying and walk downs. Surveys could be done using drone photogrammetry and/or laser scanning. The equipment can also be used for training purposes for shut downs or emergency situations,  and of course augmented reality.

If you would like a demo, or would like to know more, please get in touch with the team:


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